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Ereğli Faculty of Education is subordinate to Bülent Ecevit University, which was established accordance with the Law no. 3837 issued on July 3 1992. Ereğli Faculty of Education was founded by the Council of Ministers Decree No. 95/6413 dated January 3, 1995 and has started educational activities on 18 March 1997. The faculty had settled as a guest in an elementary school building until September 1998 and today the faculty provides education and training services in current building built by Hacı Kadri YILMAZ, who is a business man from Karadeniz Ereğli. The faculty is consisted of six departments;

  • Fundamental Education Department
  • Social Sciences and Turkish Language Department
  • Mathematics and Sciences Department
  • Special Education Department
  • Educational Sciences Department
  • Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department

Fundamental Education Department offers Early Childhood Education and Primary Education undergraduate programs, Social Sciences and Turkish Language Department offers Turkish Language Education and Social Education undergraduate programs, Mathematics and Sciences Department offers Elementary Science Education and Elementary Mathematics Education undergraduate programs, Special Education Department offers Special Education undergraduate programs, Educational Sciences Department offers Guidance and Psychological Counseling Education undergraduate programs.

Girls and boys dormitories, serviced by Credit and Dormitory Institution, are settled in Gülüç district. The multi-purpose indoor gym, built for our students' social, cultural and sports activities, was offered in 2008. Ereğli Faculty of Education is continuing its activities in order to have an important place among the education faculties in our country in terms of research, education, national and international relations. In addition, the faculty members in the faculty show a great sacrifice with the aim of meeting the educational needs of the various institutions and organizations in the region.

The Faculty is receiving material and moral support from the Ereğli District Governorate, the Black Sea Regional Command, the Karadeniz Ereğli Municipality and the Karadeniz Ereğli Education Foundation as well as the local people. The main objective of the Ereğli Faculty of Education is to educate teacher candidates who are aware of the country that has a national and international knowledge base in the field, which is based on Ataturk's principles and revolutions, possesses a secular and democratic Republic of Turkey, progresses on the path pointed by the head teacher Atatürk, renews itself and produce solutions by approaching educational problems from the scientific perspective. 

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