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Zonguldak is the first city to be established after the declaration of the Republic, has been one of the most important industrial cities of our country for many years with its stone coal mines. Zonguldak has regained its value that it started to lose in the sense of industry by undertaking the mission of the education city with the university. Ascending with labor the flame of coal that is our national common wealth became flame of science and education.

Our city’s most important monument of “Uzun Mehmet Monument” is chosen for our university’s emblem. Our University has carried the local characteristics of the city to the national and international field with the mission and vision that our university successfully. The blocks in the form of coal’s flame, symbolizing “3 Şehit Mehmet” in the “Uzun Mehmet Monument”. They are embodied by educational, scientific, artistic and cultural riches in the emblem of our university.

The emblem of our faculty is designed based on the emblem of our university; The linear form of “Uzun Mehmet Monument” has been preserved and parallel to human and educational themes. The book in the emblem of our university and the emblem designed for our faculty emphasizes that the foundation of the future is based on education.

On the “Uzun Mehmet Monument”, the great left flame form symbolizes the soldier Mehmet who sacrifices his life for the indivisible integrity of his country. On behalf of all Mehmetçikler in the Emblem of the Faculty of Education, It has been approached to ATATÜRK who is the Commander of Turkish war of independence and he is symbolizing "Head of Teacher is ATATÜRK" on behalf of all the teachers. At the memorial there is a flame form, which expresses the Martyrs of the Mine; The "Teachers of the Republic of Turkey" are symbolized in the Emblem of the Faculty of Education.

The small block that tells the name of the legendary “Uzun Mehmet”, which is located at the right side of the monument and finds coal. It is Atatürk's youth prepared in the world of future in the emblem of our faculty’s teacher candidate students. The emblem is the originally designed flame form on the right hand side, the way of "Atatürk's thought" which brighten by the education torch, tells the secular, democratic and social state of law; Republic of Turkey.  

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